Treasure Chest Vending Program

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The NCCS has partnered with Accessit Corp. of Canada on its new Treasure Chest machines. As their exclusive US charity partner, this program generates support for our Transportation Assistance Fund.

If you are currently a Treasure Chest machine owner and would like to participate in this program, click here for the Treasure Chest Start-Up Kit. For more information, contact Shirley Pye at 314-446-5223 or

Treasure Chest Vending Questions

  • What is the difference between Treasure Chest Vending and the NCCS Charity Vending Program?
    Treasure Chest Vending is only for vendors operating Accessit Corp.’s Treasure Chest machines. NCCS signs are attached to the machines stating they are part of the NCCS Treasure Chest Vending Program. A sample Treasure Chest vending sign is pictured below.
  • How are the funds generated from the Treasure Chest Vending Program used?
    100% of the money from the Treasure Chest Vending Program supports our Transportation Assistance Fund. These funds help ensure children battling cancer have access to treatment.
  • How do I get started in this program?
    You must own an Accessit Corp. Treasure Chest Vending machine in order to participate in this program. Treasure Chest machine owners contract with NCCS to display charity signs and pay a royalty for each sign. Call us at 314-446-5223 to request a Treasure Chest Start-Up Kit or download it here.
  • How do I pay my royalty fees?
    There are three payment options:Monthly automatic debit or credit card payments can be set up to be deducted on the 15th of each month.Payments may be made online using your Vendor ID number at the Treasure Chest online payment option in the drop-down menu under the Vendor navigation tab. Please note: Treasure Chest vendors cannot use the “Charity Vendor online payment option.”Checks or money orders may be sent directly to the NCCS (envelopes provided).
  • As a current Treasure Chest vendor, how do I order additional signs if I have purchased more Treasure Chest machines?
    Call our office at 314-446-5223 or download Additional Sign Request Forms below.
    Monthly Payers – Additional Signs ***
    Annual Payers- Additional Signs ***
  • Does the NCCS offer any additional tools or apparel that could assist in my vending business?
    Yes, there are hats with the NCCS logo available from the online store. Also we offer ID cards with lanyards and Certificates of Appreciation. Please specify that you are a Treasure Chest vendor when you order Certificates. Click here for the order form.  Brochures to use when placing your machines are offered through the Treasure Chest Company.
  • How do I withdraw from the program?
    Remove all the NCCS Treasure Chest charity signs from your machines and return them with a written request to cancel your contract. Please note: The NCCS is the exclusive charity for Treasure Chest machine vending. Machines may be located on a commission basis legally, but not as a charity sponsor for organizations other than NCCS.

Additional questions should be directed to Shirley Pye at 314-446-5223 or All mail for the NCCS Treasure Chest Vending Program should be sent to:

The National Children’s Cancer Society
Treasure Chest Vending Program
500 North Broadway, Suite 1850
St Louis, MO 63102