Meet our young warriors

Meet Lucas – Leukemia Warrior

"He is such a fighter and I am truly amazed by him every single day." - Lucas' mom.

Dressed in his Ninja Turtle costume, three-year-old Lucas was ready to go trick-or-treating even though he felt sick and was running a fever. Not wanting to completely disappoint her son, Lucas’ mom, Sarah, let him go but he could barely make it around one block. Thinking it was a run-of-the mill virus, Sarah gave him some medicine and the fever was gone within a day. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of their journey. For the next three months, Lucas had multiple fevers along with a stiff neck. Doctors ran a battery of tests, trying to rule out everything from an infection to meningitis. When his final lab results came back, Lucas’ doctor was extremely concerned.

When a few doctors entered the room and asked if they could discuss Lucas with his grandmother present, Sarah knew they had found something terrible. Their little boy had leukemia and needed to begin chemotherapy immediately. The weekly trips for chemo, labs, bone marrow draws, spinal taps, and/or ER visits quickly affected their finances and that’s when their hospital social worker referred them to the NCCS for help. “With making as many trips as we do and being that we are about an hour away from the hospital, this has been a great help. He is such a fighter and I am truly amazed by him every single day,” shared Sarah.