Mikari Tarpley

When I doubted whether I could be stronger than this disease, the voice would cry out, “Fight it, conquer it, and live to tell your story.”

Isabella Toth

My encounter with cancer ceased to be a negative experience as soon as I shifted my perspective. Armed with humor and hopefulness, I refashioned the hardships my illness bestowed upon me into tools that shared an optimistic outlook with others.

Alejandrina Marte

“I want to use my skills with art to make the world a better place. To inspire good and allow people with similar experiences to rise beyond their circumstances.”

Rian Covington

It was a normal Wednesday afternoon. I got food after school with my friends and headed over to the night-time service at our local church. I walked in and smelled a familiar aroma of coffee beans and newly painted walls. I proceeded to greet some of my friends before...

Madelyn Wilson

What does survivorship mean to me? I was in my hospital room, hysterically sobbing, wondering why there was nobody I could talk to. Someone who could help me understand and process the trauma that had taken over my lifeĀ­ not once, but twice. In these most challenging...