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Global Outreach Program

The fundamental factors of early detection and access to effective treatment significantly influence the survival outcomes for children diagnosed with cancer. In higher-income countries, where services are generally accessible, the survival rate stands optimistically at 90%. Conversely, in developing countries, less than 30% of children diagnosed with cancer will survive their condition due to limited access to essential resources.

To address the inadequate or nonexistent medical care for children with cancer in developing countries, the NCCS introduced another program: the Global Outreach Program. Since 1993, this niche program has distributed more than $471 million in donated pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to 111 facilities in 53 countries, helping to save the lives of an estimated 204,000 children with cancer worldwide. Children receiving treatment at our partnered facilities are never burdened with a hospital bill, and their families can focus on getting their children healthy again.

All recipients of the program’s donations must adhere to strict guidelines and ensure donated medicines are stored in secure areas.

Country Spotlights

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Michele Hertlein
July 15, 1968 – August 5, 2020

Michele Hertlein dedicated 24 years of her life to making an impact on children battling cancer by securing and shipping donated pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to pediatric treatment centers around the world. After an arduous 10-year battle, she succumbed to her cancer, leaving a void felt by so many. She leaves behind a profound legacy of hope, marked by an unwavering and relentless commitment to supporting children with cancer.

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