Meet Shelby - Leukemia warrior


Meet Shelby - Leukemia warrior

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The Other Side of the Mountain: A parent’s guide to surviving childhood cancer

This publication was developed for parents and families throughout each phase of their child’s treatment, along with other important aspects of life-from emotional struggles and spiritual growth, to health insurance, school and family.

The View From Up Here: Your guide to surviving childhood cancer

(Recommended for survivors age 15 and up)

A new publication written exclusively for teens and young adult survivors of childhood cancer. This guide is filled with relevant information that relates to the different aspects of survivorship – from emotional struggles and spiritual growth, to health insurance, school and relationships.

I Can Move Mountains

(The book is intended for patients ages 8-12 who are in treatment)

This new publication provides a creative outlet for patients to learn about themselves and their cancer journey while also having some fun.

Sammie’s New Mask: A Coloring Book for Friends of Children with Cancer

(Recommended for K-3rd Grade)

Sammie’s New Mask is about a young girl named Sammie and her friend, Jack, who has cancer. This story addresses concerns and common misconceptions about cancer. This coloring book is designed for children in kindergarten through third grade.

An Educational Guide for Friends of Teens with Cancer

A helpful guide for friends of teens with cancer. Written by a group of inspiring adolescents with first-hand experience on cancer and its effect on friendships.

Making the right transition into college

Transitioning into college can be difficult for any student, but as a childhood cancer survivor this transition can be even more of a challenge. This pamphlet will help prepare college-age survivors for the practical issues and challenges they may face as they transition to college. It includes what to look for in a college that accommodates their individual learning style and physical needs, social and emotional support, access to appropriate medical follow-up, maintaining health insurance, and assistance from the university’s office of disabilities.