Charity Vending

Meet Madison - Neuroblastoma warrior

Charity Vending

Meet Madison - Neuroblastoma warrior

The NCCS charity vending program provides individuals who own and operate vending machines and /or honor box units the chance to help children with cancer and their families. The NCCS offers the opportunity to enter into a licensing agreement with the organization in exchange for a regular monthly or annual royalty payment based upon the units placed.

If you are interested in applying for a vending licensing agreement with NCCS, complete an ONLINE APPLICATION or click on the applicable link below to download an application.

•    Full Line Vending Application Packet
•    Bulk Vending Application Packet
•    Honor Box Application Packet

The NCCS does not own or operate vending machines or honor boxes.  This business like others is speculative and there is no guarantee of success.  NCCS does not recommend any distributor or participate in selection or placement of vending machines.  Some have been successful and others have not.

NCCS does not endorse or offer licensing agreements with “Wishing Well” or collection canister programs.

For additional information and/or questions, email The Vending Team or call 314.446.5223.

Full line vending machine labels

•    5”X 7″
•    Feature same design as bulk machine labels

Bulk machines and honor box labels

•    3″ x 4” in order to provide better options for machine placement
•    Feature a protective coating that helps resist fading

*The old stickers are still valid, but will no longer be issued:

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Charity Vending Questions

  • How do I apply for a licensing agreement with the NCCS?
    The application can be completed online, downloaded and printed or by calling 314-446-5223.
  • How much does it cost?
    Payments are based on the quantity of labels contracted. There is a $10 set-up fee and a minimum per label charge, regardless of sales.  Required payment amounts differ with each program category.
  • How do I obtain my vending labels?
    Submit the signed vending licensing agreement application along with the start-up fee of $10 and the first month’s payment or annual fee. The labels will be forwarded to you promptly after your application is approved.