Cole Parker Martin

Forever grateful for the endless support I received, I made it my mission to reciprocate it by raising money and awareness for the hospital and pediatric cancer non-profits.

Aurora Kimball

The perspective cancer gave me is life is wonderful, and to care for others, because we aren’t alone. No matter the challenges I have faced, I was determined to get through them.

Mariah Michalowski

Survivorship means I get a first chance at seeing something that I was missing before. The oldest line in the books is that going through cancer “opened my eyes”, but that is the reality of it. Cancer broke me out of my secure bubble and showed me the rest...

Hannah Ray

The View at the Top of Cancer Mountain Survivorship…what does it mean to me? Survivorship is the overcoming of life’s challenges that are thrown at you. In this sense, everyone is a survivor, as life is not a smooth road, but a winding one. A quote I once...

Emma Lande

What does survivorship mean to you? There is no one meaning to “Survivorship” in the process of living through cancer. It is a fluid word with multiple definitions based on that moment or that stage of the course. My first experience of cancer Survivorship...