Max Frank

By using my own experience as a survivor and advocate, I hope to make a positive impact and bring hope to those who are fighting this disease.

Ryan Dellmyer

But now I have an opportunity to not only keep growing as a student and an engineer but as a person.

Jonah Hurley

From accepting seemingly incandescent burns from vaccines to making friends with the looming possibility of death, I know how far I am willing to go to give back and how rewarding it is.

Tyler Youtz

What does survivorship mean to you? Toxic slime. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ toxic slime. My mom tried to explain to me at the age of four that chemotherapy was toxic slime and that it was going to eradicate my cancer, while hopefully leaving my frail body as...

Gwendolyn Mason

What does survivorship mean to you? Is surviving simply living in spite of something fatal? If that is the case, to define “surviving”, you need to first define “living”. We typically think of something as being alive if it is still...