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Individual Fundraising Form

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  • Fundraiser Guidelines and Policies

    Please read through the Guideline section. Once you are finished, please click next to enter your fundraiser and contact information.
    • Fundraisers must maintain the integrity of the NCCS. Please ensure to represent The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) accurately and with professionalism.
    • The NCCS is not responsible for any injuries, damage or theft sustained during a fundraising event and cannot assume any type of liability for your event, participants, volunteers or employees. We cannot provide liability insurance or coverage for external events and fundraisers.
    • The event sponsor and all participants who choose to participate in any fundraising event to benefit the NCCS including, but not limited to, the Plane Game, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The National Children’s Cancer Society, its officers, directors, and employees from and against any and all liability that may arise in the course of conducting a Plane Game Event.
    • Donations must be turned into NCCS within two weeks after the end of your fundraiser. All checks should be made out to “NCCS” or “The National Children’s Cancer Society”. Please DO NOT send cash.
    • Promotional materials with the NCCS logo and/or name must be pre-approved by the NCCS Marketing Department prior to release and cannot be used for any other purpose outside of that which is approved.
    • The first use of the organization’s name must be “The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS)”. Subsequent uses can either be “The National Children’s Cancer Society” or “NCCS.”
    • It must be explicitly stated on all promotional materials that the event is “in support of” or “benefitting” NCCS, not being held by or sponsored by the NCCS.
    • Do not promise tax receipts. Contact the NCCS in regards to eligibility. Donor name and address are necessary.
    • The NCCS does not provide any contact lists (i.e. mailing lists) to third party organizers.
    • Upon approval, the NCCS will provide a fundraising toolkit with the following materials. We strongly recommend you utilize these materials to ensure a successful event.
      • Third-party acknowledgement letter to validate the authenticity of your event
      • Fundraising guide
      • NCCS informational guide
      • Post-event summary form to be returned with funds raised within two weeks after your event.