The NCCS partners globally for childhood cancer

Michele Hertlein Global Outreach Program

Most childhood cancers can be cured if treated promptly and effectively. However, due to lack of information, early detection and effective treatment, half of the children with a cancer diagnosis in developing countries will not survive.

The Michele Hertlein Global Outreach Program partners with pharmaceutical companies to distribute donated cancer treatment drugs and medical supplies around the world. Since its inception, the program has shipped over $438 million in donated medical products to 77 facilities in 53 countries around the world.  More than 171,000 children have been treated thanks to the generous support of the Global Outreach Program’s corporate partners.

Recipients must adhere to strict guidelines and ensure donated medicines are stored in secure areas.

For program information and/or to request assistance, please click here to view our brochure (PDF format) or contact program director Elizabeth Payne at

The Michele Hertlein Global Outreach Program is named in memory of Michele Hertlein who managed the program for more than two decades and lost her own battle with cancer.

Michele Hertlein July 15, 1968 – August 5, 2020