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Larry Thomas Thanks The NCCS

Larry Thomas Thanks The NCCS

Dear Friends of the NCCS,

In 1992, at the age of 35, I came within a hair of bleeding to death in the old North Hollywood hospital. It turned out I had a colon tumor that burst a blood vessel. Luckily, and just in time to save the day, a gastroenterologist showed up on his first case out of residency and found the tumor.

When the tumor was removed, I was told it was malignant and I would have to be checked with frequent colonoscopies and blood tests. It was the first time I realized cancer isn’t just for the old.

I was donating little bits I could afford back then to charities that would send me information in the mail. One day, I got something from the NCCS and I checked out the organization because the thought of children with cancer broke my heart – especially since one of the promises I made when I thought I was going to die was to have a child, which my wife and I were discussing at the time.

As I wrote in my book, “Confessions of a Soup Nazi: An Adventure in Acting and Cooking,” “Whatever you consider yourself, atheist, agnostic or religious, there comes a moment when the only person you have to talk to is God. I discovered that moment is usually just before you think you’re going to die, and you’ll probably make a deal.” As a result of my deal, there is an amazing 28-year-old named Ben Thomas, my son I was told he might grow up and be at risk of cancer as a young man, so I decided to support the one charity that was taking care of children with cancer.

Back then, I could only afford around $5 at a time. But years later my acting career took a good turn with “Seinfeld.” And when I was offered to play “The Weakest Link” in 2002 for charity, I was able to have the television show donate $10,000 to the NCCS

All that to say, the NCCS has always been my charity of choice.

Thanks for taking care of the children,

Larry Thomas

About the National Children’s Cancer Society

The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS), headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., is a not-for-profit organization providing support to families making their way through the daunting world of childhood cancer and survivorship. With over 30 years of experience serving more than 46,000 children, the NCCS is able to take a “no matter what” approach to help families stay strong, stay positive and stay together. The NCCS has been recognized as a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity and earned a GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency. For more information, call 314-241-1600, visit or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.