Late Effects After Treatment Tool (LEATT)

New research is leading to a better understanding of childhood cancer survivorship and the effects of cancer and therapy. Long-term side effects related to cancer and prior treatments are called “late effects” and may be mental, physical, social or even second cancers.

Learning about possible late effects and receiving the appropriate follow up care as early as possible is important. There are many helpful resources that are available.  The National Children’s Cancer Society has created a Late Effects After Treatment Tool (LEATT) that provides personalized information about potential late effects.

To utilize this Late Effects After Treatment Tool (LEATT) simply enter the diagnosis and the treatment received. It usually takes fewer than 10 minutes to complete. The results will provide important potential late effects, symptoms to look for, recommendations for follow-up care and prevention tips to reduce the risk for further health issues. These results can be given to your doctor. Seeking medical advice is always important if you have any concerns.

Childhood cancer survivors who have used LEATT share how this tool has helped them:

“I will be able to use this tool in the future to look out for more potential risks associated with my past treatment.” – Mary.

“I do believe this tool can be quite helpful for survivors who would like to start learning more and become educated on their late effects.” – Ana