Mentor Program

The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) mentor program was created to provide support by connecting a young adult cancer survivor (mentor) with a younger child going through treatment between the ages of 10-17 (mentee).

For children diagnosed with cancer, the journey can be incredibly tough. They often struggle to feel recognized, heard, and empathized with, especially when compared to their peers who aren’t facing similar challenges. That’s where our mentor program steps in to help mentees adjust to treatment regimens, boost their self-confidence, reduce anxiety, and offer a connection to someone who has been in their place and understands the depth of their journey.

Mentors are recipients of the NCCS Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholarship, each a survivor of childhood cancer themselves. Through weekly connections via phone calls, text, emails, or video chats, our mentors offer unwavering support.

A Perfect Pair

This past summer, 11-year-old Kadence met her mentor Ava (pictured). Kadence lives in Indiana but had the opportunity to visit Ava while she was on a trip to Orlando, Florida, as part of the Disney Dream Program. During their time together, Ava and Kadence shared incredible moments, strolling through shops and enjoying lunch with Kadence’s family.

Another parent, whose daughter, Natalie, takes part in the program as a mentee, offered insight into the positive impact the mentor program had on their child:

“Natalie is happy with Piper, so I’m glad I signed her up for this program. They usually connect once a week. Natalie says they have a lot in common and I’m glad they understand each other. Natalie feels a connection with Piper that she doesn’t have with anyone else. She has stated that she’s able to be very open with Piper and she knows that Piper understands.”

We are currently accepting applications for the next mentor session which will begin in September. Click HERE to complete the online mentee application.