Mentor Program

The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) strives to provide critical emotional support to children with cancer. The mentor program was created to help children ages 10-17 adjust to their treatment, increase their self-confidence, reduce anxiety, and offer a connection with someone that understands their journey.

The mentors are NCCS Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholarship recipients who are childhood cancer survivors. They provide weekly support via phone calls, texts, emails, or video chats. They share their knowledge and experience so mentees can learn from their journey. They are trusted allies and caring role models who offer supportive and encouraging relationships.

This experience is uplifting for our mentors and mentees. It allows them both to connect with someone who experienced the same challenges.  Children with cancer often need someone to talk to who understands the treatment they are going through, their diagnosis, or just the general ups and downs of childhood cancer.

One parent said the mentor program gave her child confidence and reassurance that finding a ‘new normal’ is possible and that they’re never alone.  Another mother describes her son’s experience as: “Amazing! I think a great benefit will be my son seeing his mentor as an inspiration for his future.”

We are accepting applications for the next session which will begin in September. Click HERE to complete the online mentee application. If you have questions about the program please email Angie Hayes at or call 1-800-532-6459 ext. 213.