NCCS Cards for Kids program

The NCCS Beyond the Cure Scholarship program has awarded nearly $2 million to over 200 childhood cancer survivors to help them fulfill their future dreams. Survivors who are awarded scholarships are asked to complete volunteer service hours to give back to the childhood cancer community.

One of the volunteer opportunities available is the NCCS Cards for Kids program.  Scholarship recipients gather a group of friends or family members to create inspiring and uplifting cards for children currently battling cancer. Once the cards are completed, they are sent back to the NCCS where the cards are then distributed to the children who receive NCCS financial assistance.

Angela Sun, Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholar, who is majoring in art history and East Asian studies at Brandeis University participated in the Cards for Kids program. Angela chose Cards for Kids because, “As a third-year scholarship recipient, this was one of the volunteer activities that I had not yet tried. I also serve as the Undergraduate Departmental Representative (UDR) for my university’s fine arts department, and I was thinking about activities we could host for the semester.” Angela stationed a card writing table in her university’s campus center.  Angela stated, “Our card decorators ranged from fine arts majors to STEM students and even some professors.” Angela hopes to continue this program every semester.

To read about some of our Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholars, please visit this link.  Please check our website in January 2023 to apply for a 2023-24 school year scholarship.