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Annie Kessler
The National Children’s Cancer Society

New Whitepapers from The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) Help Parents Prepare their Children Hospital Stays and Procedures

The papers titled, “Preparing for the Emotional and Physical Challenges of Appointments at the Hospital,” provide information on easing anxieties and managing the fear children experience associated with their cancer treatments and/or going through treatment for other medical conditions. Download it here.


About The National Children’s Cancer Society:

The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) tirelessly and compassionately supports families making their way through the daunting world of childhood cancer. With over 35 years of experience serving over 49,000 children with cancer, the NCCS has become a master navigator of this world, helping families get where they need to be – physically, financially, and emotionally – to give them hope and to give their children the best possible shot at survival.

With the help of compassionate donors, the NCCS has distributed over $71 million in direct financial assistance to families in the United States. This allows the NCCS to take a clear path through the complexities of childhood cancer and survivorship to help families stay strong, stay positive, and stay together. Because no family should go through childhood cancer alone.™