Plane Game

Our paper airplane fundraising competition!

Plane Game

Our paper airplane fundraising competition!


Thank you for hosting a “Plane Game” paper airplane fundraising competition.  We appreciate your help in ensuring children with cancer get the treatment they need to survive – and soar! Everything you need to create a successful event can be found below.

If you have any additional questions and/or would like more information, contact Dawn Griffard, at 314.446.5225 or

How the Plane Game was Launched

The Plane Game is a creation of the DECA Catalyst high school students in St. Louis, MO. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. The NCCS asked the group’s academic sponsor if they would be interested in developing a promotion that individuals could easily execute to raise money for families battling childhood cancer.  Since travel assistance is the largest form of our support, the students used that as the promotional platform and the Plane Game was launched!

Tips on How to Run Your Event

Following are some recommendations to guarantee your Plane Game will soar! While these are tailored for a school event, the Plane Game is also an easy, fun activity for birthday parties, scouting events, youth group activities, clubs, etc. Anyone can play the Plane Game!

Pre-event Planning

Choose your date

  • If your Plane Game is a solo event, choose a date that doesn’t conflict with any major holidays and/or other events in your area
  • If your Plane Game is in conjunction with a school or other pre-scheduled event, choose a date where there will be a large attendance

Pick a location

  • The location can be indoors or outdoors but should be a large, open area so the paper airplanes can fly a significant distance

Promote your Plane Game

  • Download, print and distribute/post the Plane Game flyer ten days prior to the event at schools and/or other high-traffic locations
  • Send at least three emails prior to game day to encourage participation
  • Share on social media
  • Encourage your personal network to forward emails and share with their own social networks
Set a fundraising goal

Set a fundraising goal

  • Download and print the progress thermometer
  • Color in the plane as you receive donations to show progress in reaching your goal

Use wall badges to encourage donations

  • Download, print and copy the wall badge artwork
  • Use wall badges to encourage donations before, during and/or after school (This is a great way to promote your event and generate more donations!)
  • Add donor’s name to badge and hang badges where they will receive maximum visibility
Gather your game day supplies
  • Multiple packs of 8.5 x 11, 20 lb. paper in various colors
  • Pens, pencils or markers to write the participant’s first and last name on their paper airplane entry
  • A registration table or designated area for paper sales
  • Donation jar for people to donate even if they don’t participate in the game
  • Money for change – the exact amount is dependent on how many people are expected to participate
  • Sample paper airplane designs for participants to follow – these can easily be found online
  • Prizes
    • The person whose plane flew the farthest is given some form of gift or award – it does not have to be anything big, it can be just a t-shirt, candy or high (flying) five!
    • $5 gift cards to Starbucks and/or other popular local restaurants make great prizes
    • Recommend prizes for first, second and third place
  • Set a minimum entry fee that is appropriate for your participants ($1.00) OR suggest the person donate whatever amount they would like
  • Designate an outgoing individual (if it’s not you!) as the event host
  • The Plane Game host should welcome everyone, review the contest rules and provide general information on the NCCS
  • Gather participants at the starting line
  • All participants launch their plane when the Plane Game host says “3.2.1…throw!” – if all of the participants can’t fit in one line, conduct multiple rounds so everyone can play
  • Position a Plane Game official outside of the designated throw zone so they can see all of the planes thrown – if multiple rounds are needed, mark the spot where the plane traveling the farthest lands in each round
  • The winning plane will be the one that has traveled the farthest
  • Distribute prize(s)
  • Send donations and the donation return sheet within two weeks to:
    The National Children’s Cancer Society
    Attn: The Plane Game
    2900 Frank Scott Parkway West, Suite 928, Belleville, IL 62223
The plane game rules
  • All participants must purchase and use the official Plane Game paper
  • Everyone throws from the same starting line
  • No feet can end up over the line after plane is thrown
  • No touching the planes after they land
  • Only one sheet of paper per entry
  • The full 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper must be used – tearing and cutting are not permitted
  • No scissors, tape or other materials are allowed

Plane Game Materials

All of the Plane Game materials can be easily downloaded and printed. Items can also be enlarged and mounted on board to make an even bigger impact. Just click on the links below. They can also be found in the individual sections listed above.