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Scholar Quote: "Survivorship does last a lifetime. I am able to appreciate the opportunities I am given and I don't let the small things bother me..."

The idea that “survivorship lasts a lifetime” describes perfectly the motto that drives all decisions I make. Having been fortunate enough to survive cancer and have a second chance at life, I feel that I must do what I can to help others have a second chance as well. For this reason I am very active, and plan to remain active throughout my lifetime in my community. I enjoy helping others reach their full potential so that they can have a fulfilling and meaningful life. Also, being a “lifetime survivor” has driven my ambition to experience the world around me. I want nothing more than to travel the world around me and learn as much as I can about other cultures so that I better help those in need. Finally, being a lifetime survivor means not letting the little things stand in my way. Survivors are those that don’t let their weaknesses and mistakes

define them.

Since I have begun my college career, I have searched for opportunities to be involved in my community. I have recently been appointed the position of “Service Chair” for the dual degree program that I am in. This position allows me to take charge of participating in community service projects and allows me to make a difference in the lives of others. Also, I am part of the Women in Science and Engineering Village at NC State. As a group, we participate in service projects to advance the rights and reputation of women in our community. By participating in these projects and searching for ways to make a difference in my community, I am making a difference in the lives of others. By surviving cancer, I am now able to make a difference in the lives of others that will affect them for years to come.

I understand that I am very lucky to still be here today. Because I was lucky enough to receive a second chance at life, I learned at a very young age that I must take advantage of every opportunity that is brought my way. I have developed an insatiable desire to experience the world around me because the world has a lot to offer. One of my goals is to study abroad in Spain for a year. I want to have a life that involves lots of traveling. There are many people that don’t appreciate the great diversity that exists in the world and don’t have the desire to experience other cultures. I believe that because I am a cancer survivor, I am better able to appreciate the wonders of the world. I want to travel the world throughout my life and learn about as many cultures as I can so that I have a better understanding of the needs of people around the world. This way, I will be able to apply my skills as an engineer in a more effective manner.

Survivorship does last a lifetime. I am able to appreciate the opportunities I am given and I don’t let the small things bother me. When times get tough, I don’t give up. I keep moving because I know that those who work hard in and push through the tough times are those who get the most out of life. If my family and I had given up on my fight with cancer, I wouldn’t be here today. Through my involvement in the community, my survivorship has a life-long effect on those around me. My ambitious goal to travel the world so that I can improve the lives of people outside of my community pushes me to work hard and live a life of honesty and perseverance.