Meet our young warriors

Meet Kaleb – Neuroblastoma Warrior

"Hearing those words that your child has cancer... has turned our once normal lives upside down," said Kaleb’s mom, Cheyanne.

Kaleb was a normal, rambunctious two-year old when he started running fevers and not feeling well. After visiting the ER four times in a month, his mom vowed they weren’t leaving until they found out why. He was admitted to the hospital and finally, after over a week of tests, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma.

“Hearing those words that your child has cancer was absolutely horrifying and has turned our once normal lives upside down,” said Kaleb’s mom, Cheyanne. “Add on top of that the stress of traveling and medical bills, things become even worse.”

He immediately had surgery to remove the primary tumor from his adrenal gland and a port was placed for chemotherapy. He also had cancer in his bone marrow, lesions on his skull and spinal area and a gumball size tumor behind his eye. Kaleb has undergone six rounds of chemotherapy, radiation to his primary adrenal gland, a stem cell transplant and antibody therapy.

In addition to receiving treatment at their local hospital, Kaleb is also seen at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH – far from his West Virginia home. The NCCS has helped Kaleb’s family with mileage and airfare so he can get the best treatment possible to beat his disease. “After being told about the NCCS, we couldn’t have been more thankful,” said Cheyanne. “They have helped us so much with our travel, not only to our local hospital several times a week but to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio as well. We are very appreciative and thankful for their assistance and support.”

Kaleb finished treatment and his scans have shown no evidence of disease! “He has been through so much in his few short years, but he continues to smile,” said Cheyanne.