Meet our young warriors

Meet Lauren – Rhabdomyosarcoma Warrior

Erin (Lauren's mom) says, "We can’t thank the NCCS enough!"

When sixteen year-old Lauren suffered from sudden lower back pain so excruciating she couldn’t sit anymore, her mother, Erin, took her to the hospital to find the cause. After numerous visits and a battery of tests, doctors discovered a large tumor in the soft tissue of her back that extended down her tailbone, known as stage 4 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. Her test results also revealed that there were spots in her pelvic area and her lymph nodes. Doctors told Erin that unless Lauren’s tumor significantly shrank by her six week check-up, they would have to operate. To everyone’s surprise, the tumor shrank considerably and Lauren started radiation and chemotherapy. Although everyone knew it was not going to be easy, Lauren also suffered from bacterial infections and unexpected transfusions which made her journey that much harder.

Lauren’s dad could only visit twice a month because he had to work – he was the family’s only source of income. Erin stayed by her daughter’s side but worried about her family’s finances. She learned about the NCCS and reached out for assistance. The organization was able to provide gas money, funds they used to pay their utility bills and much-needed emotional support. Erin says, “We can’t thank the NCCS enough!” Lauren knows how important a positive attitude is and continues to spread that positivity to others battling cancer.