Meet our young warriors

Meet LJ – Leukemia Warrior

"The NCCS made sure we had enough money for fuel and food," LJ's dad.

Without support from the organization’s Transportation Assistance Fund, Jennifer and Jeremiah did not know how they would get their son, “LJ” to the treatment center that could save his life. LJ was diagnosed with leukemia when he was just 5 years-old after experiencing leg pain and fevers. His first round of treatment at the local hospital proved to be successful – LJ showed no evidence of disease at the end of his treatment.

Sadly, LJ relapsed just three years later and his local doctors said that this time, he needed a bone marrow transplant. LJ’s sweet little bother, Jonah, volunteered to be the bone marrow donor, bringing the brothers closer than ever. Jonah said, “It makes me happy to know that I helped him live.” In addition to the bone marrow transplant, doctors also recommended he participate in a new type of treatment that was only available at a facility hundreds of miles away from his home.

While Jennifer and Jeremiah were eager for him to begin the treatment immediately, they were shocked to hear LJ would need to be seen nearly every week, with some stays as long as six weeks. That initial shock was compounded when they saw the price of flights and hotel stays. Unsure of how they could manage these expenses, their hospital social worker referred them to the NCCS. “The NCCS made sure we had enough money for fuel and food,” said Jeremiah. LJ still travels every three months for follow-up scans, but thankfully, he is once again healthy.