Meet our young warriors

Meet Nelvyn – Leukemia Warrior

"I share my story to inspire others in the same situation" Nelvyn Anne says.

Nelvyn Anne was vacationing in the Philippines with her brother and cousins when she began feeling very tired. Her family told her to go rest, thinking she was just a typical 16-year old and expected her to wake up feeling refreshed. However, “when she woke up, she was even more exhausted and very pale,” recalls her brother Nelvyn John.

For the next few days, Nelvyn Anne took an iron supplement, thinking that would help her feel more energetic… After three days, Anne was still battling extreme fatigue and she was even paler than before.

Her family took her to the hospital where they performed a battery of tests. After analyzing the results, the doctors informed Anne and her family that it she was suffering much more than the typical “tiredness” of a teenager… she had leukemia. Nelvyn John says, “When we heard the news, it ruined our world and crushed our hearts. Being so happy spending time with our cousins and enjoying our school vacation, then -BOOM! – cancer.”

After her diagnosis, Nelvyn John returned to the US with his sister for treatment. The siblings live with their grandparents, but Nelvyn John is his sister’s primary caretaker. “From ups and downs, in each fall and failure, in each challenge and trial, and in each success, we never leave each other. From the very start of the treatment until this very moment we never leave each other’s side,” says Nelvyn John.

The NCCS has helped this dynamic duo with travel expenses as they continue to go to and from the hospital for treatments and doctor visits.

“I share my story to inspire others in the same situation; especially parents because I know how hard it is for a parent to think that their son or daughter is facing a life threatening situation,” Nelvyn says.

Nelvyn Anne continues to receive outpatient treatment… with her brother still by her side.