Meet our young warriors

Meet Skye – Leukemia Warrior

“God bless the difference you make in the world, and to families like us.”

Skye’s parents knew something was off when the typically easy-going 4 year-old started acting tired, clingy, and whiney. When that progressed to noticeable leg bruising, lack of an appetite and no desire to do anything but sleep, her parents called their pediatrician. They were told it was most likely a growth spurt and to keep an eye on her for the next few weeks.

After some additional worrisome events, Skye’s mom took her to see the doctor. “I could see the worry on the doctor’s face as she felt around Skye’s abdomen,” she shared.  Her liver and spleen were enlarged, a telltale sign of leukemia.

Additional blood tests all but confirmed the worst.  Skye’s local doctor immediately referred her to a children’s hospital 170 miles away from home and they needed to leave right away.

As soon as they arrived Skye was admitted and began treatment. She was in the hospital for one month straight.  Her mom stayed with her the entire time while her dad tried his best to work, take care of their younger daughter and visit his wife and Skye.  The juggling took its toll and the travel expenses started to rise. “We live a good distance from the hospital . . . it takes us close to two and a half hours each way,” said Michael, Skye’s dad.

The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) was there to help with financial support from our Travel and Emergency Assistance Funds. Skye continues to receive treatment every few weeks and the NCCS continues to help make sure she gets to every appointment.

“Thank you so much for giving us the means for travel and parking,” said Michael. “God bless the difference you make in the world, and to families like us.”