Meet our young warriors

Meet Tiana – Osteosarcoma Warrior

“To be offered any assistance, gifts or prayers, we are greatly humbled,” said Tiana's mom.

Fifteen year-old Tiana loved to run on her high school’s track team and as an athlete, she was used to experiencing unexplained aches and pains. But, when her leg started hurting and continued for several weeks, her mother, Tekesha, made an appointment with their doctor. Tiana was told it was a sports-related injury causing the pain and that it should go away soon. However, when her right leg suddenly began to swell, Tekesha rushed her daughter to the emergency room where she was admitted for testing. As soon as the results came back, the doctor broke the devastating news – Tiana had a tumor on her pelvis caused by a very rare form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma.

Tekesha felt defeated when she learned this news. Her daughter was battling a horrible disease and as a single mother of four, she worried about how she would be able to manage taking care of her other children, maintaining a job and make weekly trips for Tiana’s treatment to the hospital that was forty minutes away. That’s when their hospital social worker referred them to the NCCS. The organization provided financial assistance for their travel expenses to ensure Tiana made it to every appointment. Their case manager also provided emotional support to Tekesha during her daughter’s cancer journey. “To be offered any assistance, gifts or prayers, we are greatly humbled,” Tekesha said.

Tiana underwent six rounds of chemotherapy and surgery to remove the tumor, followed by even more chemotherapy and radiation. Tiana spent much of her time in the hospital during treatment and her three siblings came to visit as often as they could, hoping their company would give her strength. “Tiana’s radiance and fierce determination to beat this awful disease will amaze anyone. I am proud to be the mother of a true superhero!” Tekesha shared. “On behalf of myself and my family, I would love to thank The National Children’s Cancer Society for the overwhelming support.”