Meet our young warriors

Meet Vance – Lymphoma Warrior

"Our NCCS case manager was absolutely wonderful and always followed-up with me. We are forever grateful!" - Vance's mom.

Vance was a typical thirteen year-old when he suddenly started experiencing extreme exhaustion, high fevers and vomiting – symptoms that significantly concerned his mother, Adrianne. Results from a blood test showed his kidneys were failing so he was immediately transferred to another hospital for a month-long comprehensive examination where he endured five biopsies, scans, additional blood work, and a spinal tap to determine what was making him so sick. Two grueling months after his symptoms first appeared, Vance was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He was thrust into an aggressive chemotherapy regimen that lasted an entire year instead of the standard six months.

Adrianne left her job to stay by her son’s side while her husband continued to work. Vance’s father and brothers visited him every weekend. Adrianne described the financial stress of traveling, meals and car repairs as “astronomical” as they were trying to manage on one salary. That’s when their hospital social worker connected them to the NCCS. Vance’s case manager was able to offer the family mileage assistance through the Organization’s Travel Assistance Fund, and additional support from the Emergency Assistance Fund helped with other unanticipated expenses. Adrianne said, “Our NCCS case manager was absolutely wonderful and always followed up with me. We are forever grateful!”