Troy Ennis

As I look towards the future, the impact that cancer left on me will forever fuel my motivation to succeed.

Alana DeLisle

I want to teach others how to believe in conquering “the impossible,” how to move past their limitations, even when it seems easier to give up.

Miranda Mead

Survivorship means seeing the world differently and being presented with new opportunities and responsibilities. It’s facing death and finding deep strength, courage and resiliency to persevere. Being a survivor is finding the joy in the smell of rain on the...

Allison Snow

What Survivorship Means to Me Survivorship is a life calling bestowed upon the unprepared, but yet upon the strongest of fighters. It is something that is instilled deep within an individual and only breaks the surface when a life depends upon it. Survivorship is a...

Isabella LeKander

“Life is too short to sit around waiting, and if I can inspire others with my story to take life by the horns, I will. I want to help others see the world from my unique perspective as a survivor.”