The NCCS End of Year Appeal

Meet King - Leukemia warrior

Our End of Year Appeal

The cost to get treatment has skyrocketed. Gas, car rentals, flights and lodging are all more expensive. And this adds to the burdens parents already carry as they try to care for their sick child and make ends meet. But, thanks to friends like you, The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) can provide vital assistance and much-needed financial and emotional support.

Please make a gift to the NCCS now in honor of the end of the year to help give kids the best shot at survival – NO MATTER WHAT. Thank you for making sure we can be there for every family who needs us.


King’s Story

meet KingMeet King, leukemia warrior! When King was just 2 years-old, he was not feeling well and King’s mother, Nasharis, had scheduled an appointment with their pediatrician for answers. In addition to the stress of not knowing what was making her son sick, she felt even more overwhelmed trying to wrangle two toddlers in the hospital during COVID-19 protocols since their daycare was closed. King’s doctor took some blood samples and was told that King’s white and red blood cell counts were dangerously low. Fearing what the outcome could mean for her son and their family, she needed answers.

The best way doctors could make an official diagnosis for King was for him to endure multiple lumbar punctures that spanned over the course of two weeks. When the results were back, the doctor came in to break the life-shattering news: “I’m sorry, your son has leukemia.” The amount of heartbreak and fear that King’s mother felt was unbearable. Nasharis shared, “My world crashed. I stopped breathing. I was in complete shock.” King was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) – the most common and curable form of childhood cancer.

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