Meet Madison - Neuroblastoma warrior

Get Involved!

Thank you for helping families battling childhood cancer.  There are many ways to get involved – whether it’s playing The Plane Game or creating a your own fundraiser, we are always amazed by the creative ideas people think of to support our children’s cancer organization.

Play the Plane Game
Show off your paper airplane skills and raise money for NCCS!  The Plane Game is a competitive paper airplane contest that’s easy and fun.  We provide all of the materials to ensure your game day is success!

Create Your Own Fundraiser
Golf tournaments, car washes and trivia nights are some examples of great ways to engage your community. If you’re interested in creating your own event, please complete the event application and return to our Director of Philantropy Amy Stone at 314.446.5221 or

Celebrate on Facebook
Creating a virtual fundraiser on Facebook is a quick, simple way to support the NCCS and invite friends and family to join you. Facebook fundraisers only take a few minutes to set up, and the people you know will be more likely to donate when they hear why you give and why it matters to you.

Donate Your Change
Donating the spare change from your credit or debit card purchases is an easy way to help get children to the lifesaving treatment they need. It takes only 30 seconds to sign up – your spare change can help change the life of a child with cancer!