How We Help

Meet Trevon - Leukemia warrior
At The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS), we believe when a family is facing the tragedy of childhood cancer, all they should focus on is getting their child well again – period. Families turn to us for help navigating the daunting world of childhood cancer to help them get where they need to be – physically, financially and emotionally – to give them hope and to give their children the best possible shot at survival.

How can we help you?

Financial Support
I need Financial Assistance for travel costs associated with my child’s cancer treatment.
I need Emergency Assistance for other living expenses while my child is hospitalized for an extended time.

Info & Support During Treatment
I’m looking for emotional support and advice on how to best advocate for my child. I’m interested to hear tips and best practices for my child to balance treatment time with school, activities and staying connected with friends.

Info & Support After Treatment
I’m a cancer survivor or parent of a survivor. We need information on what the late effects of childhood cancer may be and other resources to help with life after cancer.

College Scholarships
I’m a childhood cancer survivor planning for the next step in my education. I’m interested in financial support through the Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholarship Program.

I’m interested in publications covering a wide range of topics related to childhood cancer, from coloring books to informational guides for parents and survivors.

Global Outreach Program
The NCCS cares about children battling cancer near and far. Half of children diagnosed with cancer in developing countries do not survive. Find out more about how we help outside of the U.S. through our Global Outreach Program.

Young Warriors
See your love in action. Read the stories of our courageous kids who are able to get to the treatments they so greatly need because of the NCCS’ supporters.

Scholar Survivor Stories
Read the award-winning essays of childhood cancer survivors as they share their inspirational words.