Meet our young warriors

Meet Amelia – Retinoblastoma Warrior

"We are so thankful for all the support and love we've received on behalf of our infant." - Amelia's mom

Amelia was only one year old when she was diagnosed with retinoblastoma during a routine doctor’s appointment. The treatment Amelia needed to save her eye and her life was at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, hundreds of miles from her home in Missouri. Amelia had surgery and is seen monthly in New York so doctors can continue to treat the tumors in her eye. Since Amelia’s diagnosis, her parents learned that she has a genetic condition which predisposes her to brain, skin, and bone cancer. Because of this, Amelia will have to be monitored for life. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the NCCS ensures that Amelia gets to her appointments in New York and helps her parents with meal assistance when they are away from home for treatment. “We are so thankful for all the support and love we’ve received on behalf of our infant, said Amelia’s mom. “The National Children’s Cancer Society has blessed us beyond what can be expressed. The help they provide us in travel and community is amazing and we are deeply touched by the generosity shown.”