Meet our young warriors

Meet Beckham – Neuroblastoma Warrior

"I have often reflected on how blessed we have been by the generosity of the NCCS."

Those words of gratitude came from Beckham’s father, Brian, in his note of thanks for the assistance his family has received from NCCS. At just three years old, Beckham was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Treatment immediately began near their home in Salt Lake City, UT but after six rounds of chemo, radiation and surgery the cancer was still there and they were running out of options.

“At this point we took Beckham to New York to see the cancer specialists at Memorial Sloan Kettering,” said Brian. “Memorial Sloan Kettering specializes in treating the type of cancer that Beckham was diagnosed with and have introduced many cutting edge medicines and techniques and seen improved results.”

After meeting with the doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering, Beckham’s family had greater hope that he could actually beat his cancer… if they could manage the huge expense that would come from the multiple flights back and forth from Salt Lake City to New York. “We knew that we had to get Beckham out there but had no idea on how we could afford the costs,” continued Brian. Beckham’s family was referred to NCCS and was contacted by a case manager who arranged for assistance with the family’s travel expenses.

Although Beckham’s cancer has been resistant to the standard therapies, he has improved through clinical trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering. “There’s still much to do but we’re making progress,” said Brian. “We have been so grateful for the NCCS and what it has done for our family . . . if a silver lining could be taken out of what our family and Beckham have experienced, it would be to see how much good there is out there and how willing and able great organizations are to help others in need. It’s humbling to be the recipient of such a great gift. I hope that someday when I am able, I can give back as selflessly as I have seen so many give to our family.”