Meet our young warriors

Meet Carter – Leukemia Warrior

"The NCCS has been a lifesaver... they always make sure we know that they are there for us" - Carter's mom

Life was proceeding normally for Carter and his family until his mother, Maria, found a golf ball-sized lump in her son’s neck. After rushing him to the doctor, eight year-old Carter was diagnosed leukemia. “We knew everything was going to change and we were scared,” said Maria. Doctors and nurses detailed the best treatment plan possible for Carter to beat his disease which included how many times he would need to be seen. With four other children at home, Maria and her husband anticipated just how stressful life would become. Carter’s family was referred to the NCCS by his social worker to help with the travel expenses Carter’s family would incur to get him to treatment.

“Carter is responding to treatment and absolutely amazes us with his strength every single day,” said Maria. “The NCCS has been a lifesaver. They always ask how Carter is doing, how our family is handling everything, and always makes sure we know that they are there for us. Thank you NCCS for giving us one of the greatest gifts of all, your generosity and support!”