Meet our young warriors

Meet Colton – Brain Tumor Warrior

"You are wonderful and we cannot thank you enough," - Colton's mom

At a mere eleven weeks old, Colton and his family’s lives turned completely upside down when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. For 122 days straight, baby Colton was hospitalized for treatment. He endured two major brain surgeries to remove his tumor -something most people never go through in their lifetime – before he was even a year old. The surgery got most of the large mass but a small piece still remained in his brain causing fluid to develop where it had been located.

Instead of playing, exploring and learning about the world, Colton laid in bed. For four months he didn’t move much resulting in developmental delays. In order for him to catch up with other children his age, Colton has therapy four days a week. He is currently working on the basics like standing and eating.

Because Colton was hospitalized for such a lengthy period of time and continues with his therapy there, his family makes the trip to the hospital over 20 times per month. His parents started to worry as the mileage costs added up and they had trouble making ends meet. That’s when their hospital social worker referred them to the NCCS to see what assistance the organization could provide. “The NCCS has been wonderful to us during this time. They were able to provide financial help when we needed it most and still help when we need it. You are wonderful and we cannot thank you enough,” said his mom, Leanna.