Meet our young warriors

Meet Hailee – Leukemia Warrior

"We are humbled by the outpouring of support." - Hailee's mom

Hailee was a perfectly healthy two-year, meeting all milestones and leading a normal life. She was a very energetic, outgoing and happy little girl.

But then Hailee began running a low grade fever which was very unusual for her. The doctor told Candice, Hailee’s mom, that it was just a virus. But when another week went by and the fevers got higher, Candice decided to take Hailee to the emergency room where they said she had a touch of pneumonia. Even with antibiotics, Hailee’s fever continued to climb and her mom felt like the doctors were missing something.

A couple weeks later, Candice came home from work to find Hailee lying in her grandma’s arms burning up with fever, extremely pale, and lethargic. She immediately rushed Hailee back to the emergency room where they finally did blood work. “I was determined they were going to be more thorough,” said Candice. “I would not leave until I had some answers… never in a million years did we expect the doctor to come in and say she has leukemia.” Hailee was air lifted Children’s Hospital of Atlanta which was four hours away from home. She started treatment immediately and will continue to be treated in Atlanta for two years.

Candice took a leave of absence from her job to be by her daughter’s side. Thanks to our supporters, the NCCS is able to assist Hailee’s family with meals and mileage for her treatment in Atlanta. “We would like to thank The National Children’s Cancer Society for being here for us throughout this process,” said Candice. “We are humbled by the outpouring of support.”