Meet our young warriors

Meet Anthony – Leukemia Warrior

"NCCS and their financial help has been a relief... to have some of the burden lifted has been a great blessing." - Anthony's mom

One day when he was two years old, the typically energetic Anthony woke up with a fever, was sluggish, extremely thirsty and unable to walk on his leg. His mother was very concerned and immediately took him to the ER. After admitting him for further tests, Anthony’s mom received the devastating news – Anthony was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Anthony began treatment immediately. Over the next few years he was on high dose chemotherapy, experienced countless hospitalizations, spinal taps, bone marrow aspirations, and blood transfusions. He eventually progressed to the maintenance phase and was done with therapy.

Unfortunately, Anthony relapsed twice and after the second time his doctor told his mother, Starneisha, that the only hope for his survival was a bone marrow/ stem cell transplant. Four months later Anthony was admitted into the hospital for his transplant.

The NCCS has helped Anthony’s family throughout his long journey with some of the non-medical expenses that a cancer diagnosis brings. “NCCS and their financial help has been a relief . . . to have some of the burden lifted has been a great blessing. They are the only national organization available that extend beyond one time support,” said Starneisha. “That means a lot to families like mine because our needs go beyond one time. We’re grateful for all the contributions that are received and their support.”