Meet our young warriors

Meet Mozlee – Leukemia Warrior

"We could not have made it without the financial and emotional support we have received..." - Mozlee's mom

Mozlee was two and a half years old and waiting for a new baby brother when he was diagnosed with leukemia. After months of trips to the emergency room and multiple courses of antibiotics for what was thought to be nasal infection, Mozlee woke up one day dizzy and without any color in his skin. His parents rushed him to the hospital where doctors finally listened to Mozlee’s parents and ran more blood tests. Once the results came in, they heard the shocking news that there was a high chance Mozlee had cancer. They immediately got on a plane to Children’s Hospital in Portland, five hours away from their home where they remained for two weeks.

But, that was just the beginning of their journey. They spent the next month at the Ronald McDonald house in Portland so doctors could pinpoint Mozlee’s exact diagnosis. “I will never forget the moment the doctors told us that Mozlee had cancer,” said Kaytee, Mozlee’s mom. Since that fateful day, Mozlee has bravely endured chemotherapy injected into his spinal fluid, through a port inserted in his chest and a pill every night. His family travels back and forth eight times a month to Portland for treatment which will continue for two years. Their travel expenses added up quickly and Mozlee’s parents reached out to the NCCS for assistance. “We could not have made it through all of this without the financial and emotional support we have received from The National Children’s Cancer Society,” shared Kaytee.